Proud to be the 2,939th 😎 on @BackerKit for GENKI: Covert Dock for the Nintendo Switch. Thanks @genkithings

Nintendo indie showcase aired today with lots of new announcements. Microsoft is bringing Ori to the switch. It’s a dope game.

New indie games announced at today’s Nintendo indie’s showcase.
This one looks cool. Reminds me of Tony Hawk Proskater.

‪BREAKING: leaked documents show the White House is planning an executive order that would put Ajit Pai in charge of policing free speech online and allow government censorship of the Internet: via @fightfortheftr‬

This is some serious Sci-fi stuff. Basically, technology is developing too fast for people to stay ahead of. So technology is emerging that will upgrade your brain to keep pace with the A.I. tech.

Amazon music unlimted is gaining on Apple Music and Spotify. This may have to do with amazon is always putting Amazon music on sale. 99 cents for 3 months, Ect. Amazon’s repeats the same songs all the time in their stations and playlists.

announces the Nintendo Switch Lite. Release date 9/20/2019. Priced at $199 USD.

. My name is Adam (online: Adogg91 or Adogg_E). I live in the U.S. Been on .social for about 3 months. So I’m still new. Looking to join an instance more and related. I post stuff on gaming and tech often. Give me a follow.

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